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Warranty & Product Care

We offer two years color warranty on all our products except regular wear items like Noa, Churi etc. If the color of the product gets faded naturally within the guarantee period, we will recolor the product at our own cost. 

Warranty is not applicable in case of physical or chemical damage of the product.

Warranty is only applicable on gold plated products not accessories like tassel or chain. 

Product Care

  • Wash with plain water and baby shampoo. DO NOT use detergent or any other chemicals.
  • DO NOT dry in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid direct contact with sanitizer, chemicals, perfume, moisturizers etc.


Please contact us for recoloring the product. For products in the warranty period, we do it for free. It’s chargeable after the warranty period. 

Warranty Claim

To claim warranty, please reach out to us on 9907866370 or