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Pasha Earrings

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Gardenia Pasa - BRISHNIGardenia Pasa - BRISHNI
Gardenia Pasha Earrings
Regular priceRs.600.00
    Floral Motif Pasha - BRISHNIFloral Motif Pasha - BRISHNI
    Floral Motif Pasha Earrings
    Regular priceRs.400.00
      Diamond Pasha - BRISHNIDiamond Pasha - BRISHNI
      Diamond Pasha
      Regular priceRs.450.00
      Mina Flower Medium Size Pasha - BRISHNIMina Flower Medium Size Pasha - BRISHNI
      Mina Flower Medium Size Pasha
      Regular priceRs.600.00
        Round Jali Work Pasha - BRISHNIRound Jali Work Pasha - BRISHNI
        Round Jali Work Pasha Earrings
        Regular priceRs.500.00
        Rohmbus Pasha - BRISHNIRohmbus Pasha - BRISHNI
        Rohmbus Pasha Earrings
        Regular priceRs.750.00
        Pujarini - Medium Size Pasha With Jhalor - BRISHNIPujarini - Medium Size Pasha With Jhalor - BRISHNI
        Pujarini - Medium Size Pasha With Jhalor
        Regular priceRs.800.00
          Mouchak Pasha - BRISHNIMouchak Pasha - BRISHNI
          Mouchak Pasha
          Regular priceRs.450.00
            Golden Money Plant Pasha - BRISHNIGolden Money Plant Pasha - BRISHNI
            Money Plant Pasha Earrings
            Regular priceRs.750.00
              Patrali Pasha - BRISHNIPatrali Pasha - BRISHNI
              Patrali Pasha Earrings
              Regular priceRs.750.00
                Pushpita Pasha - BRISHNIPushpita Pasha - BRISHNI
                Pushpita Pasha
                Regular priceRs.450.00
                Pradip Pasha - BRISHNIPradip Pasha - BRISHNI
                Pradip Pasha Earrings
                Regular priceRs.500.00
                Rose Pasha - BRISHNIRose Pasha - BRISHNI
                Rose Pasha
                Regular priceRs.350.00
                  Flower Pasha - BRISHNIFlower Pasha - BRISHNI
                  Flower Pasha
                  Regular priceRs.600.00
                    Bloom Charm Pasha - BRISHNIBloom Charm Pasha - BRISHNI
                    Bloom Charm Pasha Earrings
                    Regular priceRs.750.00
                      Pushpo Pasha - BRISHNIPushpo Pasha - BRISHNI
                      Pushpo Pasha
                      Regular priceRs.450.00
                        Flower Minakari Pasha - BRISHNIFlower Minakari Pasha - BRISHNI
                        Flower Minakari Pasha Earrings
                        Regular priceRs.750.00