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Mantasha Bracelets

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Latapata Beaded Mantasha - BRISHNILatapata Beaded Mantasha - BRISHNI
Latapata Beaded Mantasha
Regular priceRs.1,100.00
    Floral Grace Beaded Mantasha (Small) - BRISHNIFloral Grace Beaded Mantasha (Small) - BRISHNI
    Floral Grace Beaded Mantasha (Small)
    Regular priceRs.800.00
    Floral Canvas Beaded Mantasha (Small) - BRISHNIFloral Canvas Beaded Mantasha (Small) - BRISHNI
    Floral Canvas Beaded Mantasha (Small)
    Regular priceRs.800.00
      Minakari Butterfly Mantasha - BRISHNIMinakari Butterfly Mantasha - BRISHNI
      Minakari Butterfly Mantasha
      Regular priceRs.900.00
        Sankho Mantasha - BRISHNISankho Mantasha - BRISHNI
        Sankho Mantasha
        Regular priceRs.1,350.00
          Floral Grace Mantasha (Small) - BRISHNIFloral Grace Mantasha (Small) - BRISHNI
          Floral Grace Mantasha (Small)
          Regular priceRs.750.00
            Sunray Mantasha - BRISHNISunray Mantasha - BRISHNI
            Sunray Mantasha
            Regular priceRs.820.00
            White Beaded Mantasha 1 - BRISHNIWhite Beaded Mantasha 1 - BRISHNI
            Shubhra - White Beaded Mantasha
            Regular priceRs.1,200.00
              White Beaded Broad Mantasha - BRISHNIWhite Beaded Broad Mantasha - BRISHNI
              White Beaded Broad Mantasha
              Regular priceRs.1,500.00
                Flower Canvas Mantasha ( Small ) - BRISHNIFlower Canvas Mantasha ( Small ) - BRISHNI
                Flower Canvas Mantasha ( Small )
                Regular priceRs.700.00
                  Mayur Mantasha - BRISHNIMayur Mantasha - BRISHNI
                  Mayur Mantasha
                  Regular priceRs.1,250.00
                    Four Steps Belt Mantasha - BRISHNIFour Steps Belt Mantasha - BRISHNI
                    Four Steps Belt Mantasha
                    Regular priceRs.1,400.00
                      Peacock Mantasha - BRISHNIPeacock Mantasha - BRISHNI
                      Peacock Mantasha
                      Regular priceRs.1,450.00
                        Pasha Style Mina Wristlet - BRISHNIPasha Style Mina Wristlet - BRISHNI
                        Pasha Style Mina Wristlet
                        Regular priceRs.800.00
                          Heart Shaped Mina And Beads Wristlet - BRISHNIHeart Shaped Mina And Beads Wristlet - BRISHNI
                          Heart Shaped Mina And Beads Wristlet
                          Regular priceRs.800.00
                            Minakari Jaliwork Wristlet - BRISHNIMinakari Jaliwork Wristlet - BRISHNI
                            Minakari Jaliwork Wristlet
                            Regular priceRs.800.00
                              Flower Centric Thin Bracelet - BRISHNIFlower Centric Thin Bracelet - BRISHNI
                              Flower Centric Thin Bracelet
                              Regular priceRs.700.00
                                Small Butterfly Wristlet - BRISHNISmall Butterfly Wristlet - BRISHNI
                                Small Butterfly Wristlet
                                Regular priceRs.550.00
                                Flower Motif Chain Mantasha (Small) - BRISHNIFlower Motif Chain Mantasha (Small) - BRISHNI
                                Flower Motif Chain Mantasha (Small)
                                Regular priceRs.650.00
                                  Mangalsutra Beaded Bracelet - BRISHNIMangalsutra Beaded Bracelet - BRISHNI
                                  Mangalsutra Beaded Bracelet
                                  Regular priceRs.500.00