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Jhumkolata Earrings - BRISHNIJhumkolata Earrings - BRISHNI
Jhumkolata Earrings
Regular priceRs.1,750.00
    Drum Jhumka - BRISHNIDrum Jhumka - BRISHNI
    Drum Jhumka
    Regular priceRs.1,750.00
      Medium Size Kanbali With Jhumka - BRISHNIMedium Size Kanbali With Jhumka - BRISHNI
      Medium Size Kanbali With Jhumka
      Regular priceRs.660.00
        Big Pasa Design Single Step Round JhumkaBig Pasa Design Single Step Round Jhumka
        Big Pasa Design Single Step Round Jhumka
        Regular priceRs.650.00
          Chakra Jhumka - BRISHNIChakra Jhumka - BRISHNI
          Chakra Jhumka
          Regular priceRs.950.00
            Traditional Flower Jhumka - BRISHNITraditional Flower Jhumka - BRISHNI
            Traditional Flower Jhumka
            Regular priceRs.600.00
              Round And Square Two Steps Jhumka - BRISHNIRound And Square Two Steps Jhumka - BRISHNI
              Round And Square Two Steps Jhumka
              Regular priceRs.1,150.00
                Three Step Round Jhumka - BRISHNIThree Step Round Jhumka - BRISHNI
                Three Step Round Jhumka
                Regular priceRs.800.00
                Flower Bloom Jhumka - BRISHNIFlower Bloom Jhumka
                Flower Bloom Jhumka
                Regular priceRs.1,200.00
                  Gold Drop Minakari Earrings - BRISHNIGold Drop Minakari Earrings - BRISHNI
                  Gold Drop Minakari Earrings
                  Regular priceRs.1,000.00
                  Aarshi Kanbala - BRISHNIAarshi Kanbala - BRISHNI
                  Aarshi Kanbala
                  Regular priceRs.700.00
                    Minakari Chandbali KanbalaMinakari Chandbali Kanbala
                    Minakari Chandbali Kanbala
                    Regular priceRs.850.00
                      Decorative Kanbala - BRISHNIDecorative Kanbala - BRISHNI
                      Decorative Kanbala
                      Regular priceRs.800.00
                      Gardenia Pasa - BRISHNIGardenia Pasa - BRISHNI
                      Gardenia Pasa
                      Regular priceRs.600.00
                      Patrali Pasha - BRISHNIPatrali Pasha - BRISHNI
                      Patrali Pasha
                      Regular priceRs.750.00
                        Rohmbus Pasha - BRISHNIRohmbus Pasha - BRISHNI
                        Rohmbus Pasha
                        Regular priceRs.750.00
                          Bloom Charm Pasha - BRISHNIBloom Charm Pasha - BRISHNI
                          Bloom Charm Pasha
                          Regular priceRs.750.00
                            Flower Minakari Pasha - BRISHNIFlower Minakari Pasha - BRISHNI
                            Flower Minakari Pasha
                            Regular priceRs.750.00
                              Golden Money Plant Pasha - BRISHNIGolden Money Plant Pasha - BRISHNI
                              Golden Money Plant Pasha
                              Regular priceRs.750.00
                                Kanbala Chandbali EarringsKanbala Chandbali Earrings
                                Kanbala Chandbali Earrings
                                Regular priceRs.770.00