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About Us

Brishni JEWELRY - Adorement For you

Welcome to Brishni.

We are a contemporary copper jewelry brand committed to provide you an affordable alternative to gold jewelry.

Handcrafted by the famous gold artisans of West Bengal, our jewelry range is made of pure copper with 24K high quality gold plating which matches perfectly with branded gold jewellery. Our jewellery is washable, recolorable and comes with two years color warranty. We have more than 60000 satisfied customers all over the world who trusted our quality and loved our designs.

Our story

First of all, thank you for your interest in our story :)

I am Barsha Roy Mukherjee, the owner of Brishni Jewelry. We named our brand after our son Brishni’s name. We live in a small town named Midnapore (in West Bengal) which is known for its enormous contribution to India’s struggle for independence.

After being in a relationship for more than 14 years, I married Sunetra in 2012. Yes, we are very fortunate to be able to hold a relationship which started in our early high school days.

He is a Mechanical Engineer and I am a fashion designer. We were doing decent in our respective jobs though we both hated dragging ourselves to the office every morning. I gave birth to our son Brishni in 2013 and eventually had to leave my job. Soon we both realized that we need an alternative source of income to live up to our dreams.

Finally, I started Brishni jewelry in 2016. Initially, it was only friends and family but as soon as people started noticing our stunning designs and realized the quality of our products, our business started growing rapidly. It reached a stage where I couldn’t handle it myself. As always, Sunetra came to my rescue. He left his job to help me out. My business became our business and we never had to look back again.

Our philosophy:

When you need to attend a party is it wise to buy a set of gold jewelry to match your look? What if you can buy something which looks exactly like gold but costs only a fraction of that? When we see other cheaper alternatives in the market, neither their quality nor their designs satisfy our need. But at Brishni we make sure that the design and the quality of our jewelry fit your style statement.