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Sankho Pendant With Matching EarringsSankho Pendant With Matching Earrings - BRISHNI
Sankho Pendant With Matching Earrings
Regular priceRs.1,250.00
    PC Necklace SetPC Necklace Set - BRISHNI
    PC Necklace Set
    Regular priceRs.1,350.00
      Jnui (Jasmin) Bridal Necklace Set | 22K Gold-platedJnui (Jasmin) Heavy Necklace Set - BRISHNI
      Jnui (Jasmin) Bridal Necklace Set | 22K Gold-plated
      Regular priceRs.1,860.00
        Floral Minakari Tie Necklace Set - BRISHNIFloral Minakari Tie Chain Necklace Set - BRISHNI
        Floral Minakari Tie Chain Necklace Set
        Regular priceRs.1,550.00
          Mayurakkhi- Broad Collar Choker Necklace Set - BRISHNIMayurakkhi- Broad Collar Choker Necklace Set - BRISHNI
          Mayurakkhi - Broad Collar Choke Set | Gold-plated Bridal Necklace
          Regular priceRs.2,450.00
            Swarnika - Golden Choker Set - BRISHNISwarnika - Golden Choker Set - BRISHNI
            Swarnika - Golden Choker Set
            Regular priceRs.1,000.00
              Sankho Tie Chain Set - BRISHNISankho Tie Chain Set - BRISHNI
              Sankho Tie Chain Set
              Regular priceRs.2,050.00
                Gini Chain Necklace - BRISHNIGini Chain Necklace - BRISHNI
                Gini Chain Necklace
                Regular priceRs.1,300.00
                  Shoili - Bridal Necklace Set - BRISHNIShoili - Bridal Necklace Set - BRISHNI
                  Shoili - Bridal Necklace Set
                  Regular priceRs.1,450.00
                    U Chatai Necklace Set - BRISHNIU Chatai Necklace Set - BRISHNI
                    U Chatai Necklace Set
                    Regular priceRs.1,800.00
                      Pearl Ranihar Small Necklace Set - BRISHNIPearl Ranihar Small Necklace Set
                      Pearl Ranihar Small Necklace Set
                      Regular priceRs.1,600.00
                        Dhan Shish Chatai Necklace Set - BRISHNIDhan Shish Chatai Necklace Set - BRISHNI
                        Dhan Shish Chatai Necklace Set
                        Regular priceRs.1,100.00
                          Gold Drop Pasa Choker Set | Gold-plated CollectionGold Drop Pasa Choker Necklace Set - BRISHNI
                          Gold Drop Pasa Choker Set | Gold-plated Collection
                          Regular priceRs.1,350.00
                            Half Hansuli Set - BRISHNIHalf Hansuli Set With Finger Ring - BRISHNI
                            Half Hansuli Set With Fingerring
                            Regular priceRs.1,600.00
                              Butterfly Heavy Lahara Set - BRISHNIButterfly Heavy Lahara Set - BRISHNI
                              Butterfly Heavy Lahara Set
                              Regular priceRs.2,700.00
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                                Our Story

                                Handcrafted by the famous artisans of West Bengal, our gold plated copper jewelry collection has just won the prestigious Indian Business Award 2019 in contemporary jewellery category. Starting the venture in 2016, we are really proud to achieve this height in just three years . Read our story to know more .

                                Our Story