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Best Seller Necklaces

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Sankho Pendant With Matching Earrings
Regular priceRs.1,250.00
    PC Necklace Set
    Regular priceRs.1,350.00
      Projapoti - White Beads Choker Set
      Regular priceRs.1,400.00
        Single Line Beaded Necklace Set
        Regular priceRs.1,800.00
          Gardenia Art Tassel Set
          Regular priceRs.1,050.00
            Trichakra Kanthi With Small Studs
            Regular priceRs.950.00
              Gini Chain Necklace
              Regular priceRs.1,300.00
                Sankho Tie Chain Set (26 Inch)
                Regular priceRs.2,050.00
                  Hansuli Minakari Choker Set
                  Regular priceRs.1,600.00
                    Layered Minakari Lahara Set
                    Regular priceRs.1,650.00
                      Shoili - Bridal Necklace Set
                      Regular priceRs.1,450.00
                        Mayur (Peacock) Choker Necklace Set
                        Regular priceRs.1,550.00
                          U Chatai Necklace Set
                          Regular priceRs.1,800.00
                            Dhan Shish Chatai Necklace Set
                            Regular priceRs.1,100.00
                              Pearl Ranihar Small Necklace Set
                              Regular priceRs.1,600.00
                                Two Steps Long Sitahar Set
                                Regular priceRs.2,500.00
                                  Half Hansuli Set With Fingerring
                                  Regular priceRs.1,600.00